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Sunday Results

Order of Merit

Handicap Adjustments




  • If you win in the sweep or have a 2, you will be allocated points that go towards your Order Of Merit total.
  • The points will be allocated as follows

15 POINTS           - 1ST IN THE SWEEP

12 POINTS          - 2ND IN THE SWEEP

9 POINTS            - 3RD IN THE SWEEP


4 POINTS            - MAGIC 2

  • In the event of a reduced field, point value and allocation will be determined by the pro shop staff.
  • To enter the competition, you just have to enter the weekly sweep and/or 2’s.
  • If you do not enter the sweep or 2’s you will not be eligible for points on that day.
  • 10% of the weekly sweep and 2’s monies will go towards the final Order Of Merit prize fund.
  • There will be two handicap divisions per event. The field will be split evenly every week so there is an even number (approx.) of players in each division.
  • The Order Of Merit will encompass all entered players from both divisions.
  • You will start the season with your summer handicap and we will cut you using our own system.
  • You will have a separate handicap for the Weekend and Wednesday Order of Merits.


  • The Winter Eclectic is a competition where your best gross score at each hole is recorded over the winter.
  • There will be scratch and handicap sections.
  • You are automatically entered in the eclectic if you enter the sweep.
  • In the handicap section, your handicap allowance will be your final handicap at the end of the winter season.
  • If only the Front 9 or Back 9 is open your 1st round will count for the eclectic (please make sure this is marked on holes 1-9 on your scorecard).
  • In the event of a tie, the person who has played the fewest rounds will be the winner. If there is still a tie normal countback rules will apply (i.e. inward half, last 6 etc).


  • MATS – When mats are in play they must be used as they were intended and not manipulated to elevate the ball.
  • BUNKERS – You are allowed FREE relief from a bunker. You must find the nearest point of relief not nearer the hole, EVEN IF THIS MEANS DROPPING BEHIND THE BUNKER. You may also play from the bunker if preferred.
  • LOST BALL – In an effort to speed up play, you may drop a ball on the fairway nearest the point where the ball was lost and add 2 strokes. If this puts you at a disadvantage you may play the usual lost ball rule.
  • BALL LOST IN LEAVES – If you AND your partner(s) visually see your ball disappear into a pile of leaves, you may take a FREE drop as near as possible to where the ball was lost. You cannot assume the ball is in leaves, you and your partner(s) MUST witness it.
  • HOLE IN ONE POT The hole in one pot will be suspended until the first medal in the New Year. A hole in one will be paid out as two 2’s during the winter competition.


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