Winter Program 2020/21


Update 08.03.21


Given that the weather has been very uncooperative this winter, I am glad to say the greens team have done extremely well. I will go through the programme item by item and report on status for each one.


Winter Program as agreed with Club Council at November meeting.

14th Hole
Add sand to the left-hand fairway bunker
Fill in the back right-hand greenside bunker
Extend the front two left-hand greenside bunkers and tidy up and shape bunker the faces.
Fill in the third back bunker.

Sand will be added to the left hand fairway bunker in the next 2 weeks.

The rest of the work itemised will be completed by early next week.

15th Hole
Add another row of turf to the tee to leave a single strip of Astroturf matting 
Reface the two fairway and the two greenside bunkers.

All work now complete.

1st Hole
Create new drains in the 9th fairway and direct across to the 1st fairway to drain out into the trees near the old railway embankment.
Reshape the left-hand greenside bunker to create a wider rounder bunker rather than the kidney shaped bunker currently there.
Fill in the right-hand greenside bunker.
Place blue stakes along the whole length of the trees on the left edge of the fairway during the winter and early part of next season.

Waiting for the ground to dry a bit more before putting a trench across the fairway to the trees lining the 9th fairway.

Work on the bunkers has had to be held over to next year.

the line of blue stakes will be extended next week.

2nd Hole
Raise the back of the two fairway bunkers at the elbow so they are more visible from the tee.
Trim back the trees on the left edge of the fairway for the first 50 yards off the tee.

Work on the trees now complete.

Work on the bunkers at the elbow of the fairway will begin next week and hopefully complete by 27th March.


(The hole numbers referred to above are the original course numbering and not the temporary numbering currently in use.)


Bill Haining

Greens Convenor


Winter Programme 2019/2020


In the main these tasks are taken from the Bunker Review conducted during 2019. This review was initially scoped by S. Aird Jnr., B. Shepherd, M. Morrice and N. Whyte. The Greens Convener, J. Wilson was invited to take part but was unable to attend due to work commitments. The draft output from this group was then reviewed by Club Council before the final document was produced. This document proposed works to be carried out over a series of years. The works below are merely the first phase.


Where a bunker requires to be refaced, this is because the greenside face is being undercut by erosion and simply re-edging the bunker will cut into the green itself reducing its size. Re-edging the bunker maintains its position in relation to the green and reinforces its structure thus protecting the greens surface. If any erosion is left unchecked, then the weight of a mower cutting the greens surface might cause a collapse of the bunker edge with potential to damage both the greens surface and the mower, possibly injuring the greenkeeper operating the mower. This is a safety issue.


Intended Works

1st Hole: Westwinds

R/H fairway bunker at the end of the mound separating the 1st and 9th fairways is to be removed. The mound is to be extended northwards and consideration is to be given to extending the tree line towards the extended mound. The removal of this bunker will improve drainage in this area.


3rd Hole: Caledonian

The R/H and L/H greenside bunkers are both to be refaced due to erosion. See explanation at paragraph two above.


4th Hole: The Legion

The feature willow tree which stood beside the Bridge over the burn was felled due to becoming a danger as the tree was dead and contained very little substantial timber, comprising of mainly dead decaying wood. Consideration will be given to replacing this feature tree with a suitable specimen tree in the spring.


5th Hole: Knockie

R/H fairway bunker is to be reduced in size by having its edges moved in by around 1m all round. In addition, its sand level is to be raised to produce a level more suited to a fairway bunker and to make access and egress easier.


The strip between both R/H Greenside bunkers is to be widened to safely take the width and weight of a mower. In addition, the first R/H greenside bunker is to be refaced due to erosion. Its front edge will also be lowered to make it more visible in approach and make it easier to have a rolling ball enter the bunker. See explanation at paragraph two above.


8th Hole: Sam & Bess Hardie

R/H greenside bunker is to have the front edge lowered to make it more visible and easier for a rolling ball to enter the bunker.


L/H greenside bunker is to be refaced and to have the front edge lowered to make it more visible and easier for a rolling ball to enter the bunker. See explanation paragraph two above.


All other bunkers will be edged and topped up with sand as necessary.

The costs of these works are limited to the cost of turf and sand. The ability of our Greens team to complete these works will be limited by staff availability and weather conditions.



Author:          J. Wilson, Greens Convener

Information: B. Shepherd, N. Whyte, S. MacLeod and M. Morrice.

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