Child Protection Policy

MCDONALD GOLF CLUB Policy and Procedures to Protect Children and Adults in Golf:



McDonald Golf Club believes that everyone has a duty of care towards children to help protect them from abuse, and strives to provide an environment where young adults can be introduced to and participate in the game of golf in a safe and enjoyable manner.  Although there is no legal requirement for Clubs to have formal policies in place, it is considered best practice to formulate and adopt such a policy.


The following paragraphs outline the main provisions of the McDonald Golf Club Policy and Procedures to Protect Children and Adults in Golf:


  1. Responsibilities

McDonald Golf Club is committed to promoting the health and welfare of children and adults by providing opportunities for them to take part in golf safely, promoting and implementing appropriate procedures to safeguard the well-being of children, whilst responding to any allegations of abuse in line with this policy.  McDonald Golf Club is also committed to protecting and supporting adults who work with children in the Club through good advice and training.



  1. Principles

    The policy and procedures are based on the following principles:

    • The welfare of the child is paramount;

    • All children, whatever their age, culture, disability, gender, language, racial origin, religious belief and/or sexual identity have the right to protection from abuse; and

    • All allegations of misconduct will be investigated and responded to swiftly.



  2. Club Child Protection Officer

    A Club member/official will be appointed as the Club’s Child Protection Officer and he/she will:

  3. Regularly report to the Club’s Board/Committee and act as the main contact within the Club for child protection issues;

  4. Liaise with the Scottish Golf Union’s Child and Adult Protection Officer; and



  5. Recruitment and Employment

    In line with the Protection of Children (Scotland) Act 2003 all staff and volunteers invited to accept positions with responsibility for children will be required to follow appropriate recruitment procedures and to complete a Disclosure Scotland Application form in order to gain assurance that such an individual will not pose a risk to children.  The results of such checks will be governed by strict rules of confidentiality and will be administered centrally by the Scottish Golf Union on the club’s behalf.



    1. Code of Conduct

      This details the types of practice required by all Club members when in contact with children.  The types of practice are categorised into:

      • Good Practice, eg. Make golf fun, enjoyable and promote fair play

      • Practice to be Avoided, eg. Avoid spending excessive amounts of time alone with children away from others

      • Practice Never to be Sanctioned, eg. Never form intimate, emotional or physical relationships with children

      • Safe Practices in Unforeseen Circumstances, eg. Record, report and inform if you accidentally hurt a child.

        Suspicions or allegations of non-compliance of the Code by a McDonald Golf Club participant will be dealt with through the Club’s Disciplinary Procedures.





        The Code also sets out certain key practices for McDonald Golf Club to adopt:


      • First Aid and Treatment of Injuries

      • All parents/guardians of members under the age of 18 will be required to complete a McDonald Golf Club Medical Consent Form detailing such information as any pre-existing medical conditions

      • The Club will keep a written record of any injury that occurs together with details of any treatment given

      • Only those with a current, recognised First Aid qualification should respond to any injuries

      • The child’s parents/guardians will be informed of any injury incurred at the Club as soon as practicable and a Notification on Accident Form completed and passed to the Club’s Child Protection Officer.


      • Transporting Children

        Transporting children individually in your vehicle should be avoided, and where possible a central pick-up and drop-off point should be established prior to events.  However, if it is necessary, always tell another member that you are transporting a child in your car, giving details of the route and anticipated length of journey, and ensure all reasonable safety measures are taken, i.e. the child sits in the back seat, seatbelts are worn, etc. 


      • Photographing, Videoing and Filming of Children

        Parental consent will be sought for any Club photography of junior members for golf coaching, playing competitions, prize giving events, etc.



    2. Reporting Suspicions of Abuse

      Should any Club member have concerns about an incident involving a child that seems untoward or unusual they must report their concerns as soon as possible to the Club’s Child Protection Officer.  This should include any incident involving obvious distress exhibited by the child or if a child has to be restrained.  The Child Protection Officer will investigate the facts of the matter under the guidelines set out in the policy.  If the basic facts support a suspicion or allegation of misconduct by a member, the matter will be dealt with in accordance with the Club’s Disciplinary Procedures.  In cases where there is reasonable cause to suspect or believe that misconduct against a child has occurred, reference will be made to the appropriate statutory authorities.  The Club aims to create an atmosphere where any bullying of children is unacceptable. 



  6. Review

    This policy and procedures will be regularly monitored and reviewed:


    • In accordance with changes in legislation and guidance on the protection of children;

    • Following any issues or concerns raised about the protection of children; and

    • At least annually.



      This summary is published for the information of Members of McDonald Golf Club and represents a brief excerpt from McDonald Golf Club full Policy and Procedures to Protect Children and Adults in Golf.  A copy of the full, unabridged policy can be obtained from Graham Gerrard, Secretary on request.


    • Child Protection Officers                  

    • Mitch Cabel  - Administration

    • Mitch Cabel - Photography

    • Valerie Campbell - Incident Investigation                


    • McDonald Golf Club acknowledge that this summary statement is based upon the work undertaken by Caldwell Golf Club and the Scottish Golf Union.

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