6-Hole Competitions

The junior 6 hole competition is open to all McDonald Golf Club Junior Members (including Junior Members who get coaching from ClubGolf), who do not have an official 18 hole junior handicap.


Booking through the Pro Shop is essential as with all golf played on the course. Groups of 3 players will be allocated times from 4.00pm on Thursdays to play on the back nine – holes 10 to 15. Play must start from the 10th hole at the time allocated, it is not a time for arriving at the clubhouse. The Pro Shop will issue score cards; they require the junior competitor to print their name and date the competition. Three cards are required before a 6 hole handicap is issued – therefore anyone new must mark the card “1st Card for Handicap”, “2nd Card for Handicap”, and 3rd Card for Handicap”.  Those with handicaps from the previous year will use that handicap. A list of handicaps will be on the Junior Noticeboard.  Before the start of the round the players swap cards and mark the other competitors score after each hole (moving away from the Green). After the round the marker adds the score, signs the card, the player signs the card and the card is put into the Scorecard Box in the Junior Room in the clubhouse. Incomplete cards will not count but may be completed at a later date. Faster players must be allowed to play through.


The 6 hole competition will use the 150 yard markers on holes 10, 13, and 14.  At 11, 12 & 15 the Blue (Junior) tees will be used. Experienced juniors will be present to help but not to coach.  No supervision after a handicap has been issued.


During the summer holidays, the competition can be at tee times from 10.00am on Thursdays.


If a Junior Member playing the 6 hole competition thinks they are playing well and would like to get an official 18 hole junior handicap, inform the Pro Shop and arrangements will be made for playing 3 qualifying rounds scored by a member before an official handicap is issued.  Once a handicap is given, the junior is no longer eligible to play in the 6 hole competition, but can qualify for the final play off if they have put in 6 or more cards.


Martin and Ann Forster 6 Hole Competition Trophy.

The two junior players with the lowest aggregate net scores for any six-hole medals played between April and September qualify for a final. This final is played over 6 holes with a Club referee to win the trophy. Juniors who have graduated to play 18 hole medals during the season may win the trophy based on 6-hole cards submitted prior to graduation.           



Practicing is not allowed on the course, only on the practice areas or nets. However, we would like the juniors to play as much golf as they want whilst not interfering with adult members.


Further cards under parental supervision can be done until a handicap has been allocated.   Juniors can play the 6 hole course on Sunday Evenings after 4.00pm approximately and weekdays in the holidays from 10.00 approx by booking through the Pro Shop. This only applies if there are no competitions or outings. Scorecards must be used and, when completed, must be put into the junior box as they will count towards handicap adjustment.



The six hole competition is not really suitable for clubgolf juniors in their first year unless they are exceptional, and have played a lot of golf.


Adults and Juniors playing the full 18 holes must be allowed to play through by standing to the side and waving them through.  Be aware of the safety implications – waiting before teeing off should be the preferred option.

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