Chapter Six:  The Management of the Golf Club

As noted earlier, Sir James stipulated in the Minute of Agreement, that a Committee of Management would run the golf club. This committee would comprise ten members - five from the Town Council and from the golf club, the captain, the secretary/treasurer, and three others. A chairman was meant to be elected at each meeting, but in practice he was always the Provost of the Town Council. There were also three honorary posts: Honorary President and two Honorary Vice-presidents.


Sir James was appointed Hon. President, a post only he would hold, and one which would not be filled after his death.  The Hon. Vice-presidents were Mr Henry Herrington, to whom reference has already been made, and Sir Edward J Reid, the eldest son of another distinguished native of Ellon, Sir James Reid, who was physician-in-ordinary to three monarchs Queen Victoria, Edward VII and George V.


The posts of Honorary President and Vice-presidents ended with the deaths of Sir James and Mr Henry Herrington in 1942.


The Management Committee was formed in 1928 according to the provisions of the Blench Charter. It met infrequently, perhaps three to four times a year, and its main remit was the care and maintenance of the golf course and any property on it. The property comprised the Pavilion, and the two front rooms of Sir James' parents' house, given to the club to provide locker and changing facilities.

The Pavilion was a wooden hut erected in 1936 with money raised by the ladies section and was used for catering purposes.


The everyday affairs of the club, such as the running of the competitions, handicaps, social events, fund raising ventures and so on were the responsibility of what was known then as the “Greens Committee” - elected by the club members.  Although called the “Greens Committee”, it had no involvement in the maintenance of the greens or the rest of the golf course.  That was the responsibility of the Management Committee.


Although nominally Honorary President, Sir James had a considerable input to and influence over both committees, neither of which would take any decision of importance that did not have his approval. 


This arrangement, whereby the running of the club was shared between the two committees, worked well, and indeed it was not until the mid-70s, nearly 50 years later, before the set- up was changed.


Most importantly the club members were happy with the situation - the Town Councilors were local and well known to them.


And so the introduction of the Blench Charter and the Minute of Agreement heralded a period of stability for the club.

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