Chapter Fourteen:  The McDonald Ellon Golf Club Ladies’ Section

Mention must be made of the part played in the club’s history by the ladies’ section. Ladies have played a hugely significant role in the affairs of the McDonald Golf Club since its inception in 1927.


It will be recalled that ladies raised the astonishing sum of £550 when the club was first set up, to finance the laying out of the course and help in the purchase of machinery necessary for the development of the land. One wonders how many of the ladies involved in this tremendous effort actually became members of the club.


There was a ladies’ section from the earliest days of the club and although they did not participate in the running of the club - there were no ladies on the Management Committee - they had the responsibility for the social affairs of the club, organising fund raising events, running the annual prize giving and so on.


The ladies were also responsible for raising the money to pay for the building of the Pavilion. One would assume that on this occasion, these ladies were members.


And of course McDonald Ellon golf club had both a lady secretary/treasurer and a lady captain during the war years. This was surely unique. Even today lady captains of golf clubs are a rarity. Over time, women have become more and more involved in the running of the club and for many years now, the lady captain and secretary have had ex officio appointments to the club council.


And the ladies, both individually and collectively, have brought the club great success over the years - full details are to be found in the “roll of honour” - but it is worth reiterating the international recognition of Jillian Pennie and Michele Thomson and the success of the ladies’ team in the Robertson Trophy - a team competition open to clubs from all over the North-east.


Women have always had equal rights within the club and on the course and since 1975 - apart from a spell in the early days when the late Mrs Alice Robbie argued, successfully, at an AGM that as women played less golf than the men they should pay a reduced subscription! - have paid the same fees as the men.

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