37-38   S Lipp                                                 

38-39   Dr J H Wardrop                                 

39-40   P Durnin                                             

40 -41  A R Robbie                                        

42-46   Mrs J D Clubb                                    

46-47   H S Russell                                        

47-50   J H Clark                                            

50-52   G Low                                                

52-53   A R Robbie                                        

53-55   F M Duguid                                        

55-56   W Joss                                               

56-57   C F Taylor                                          

57-61   A R Robbie                                        

61-63   Rev. J W R Fairlie                             

63-71   A Thomson                            

71-79   W J Roberts                           

79-81   Dr. W J Morrison

81-83   E S Sherwood                        

83-85   J Nixon                                   

85-87   R Davidson                            

87-89   K A K Gill                               

89-91   C R C Grant

91-93   G Ironside

93-95   Dr. M J Pucci

95-95   D Murray

95-98   E A McLeod

98-00   A Strachan

00-02   C R C Grant

02-04   A L Bowman

04-06   A J Barker

06-08   D A Reaper

08-10   J O'Brien

10-12   D J Heap

12-14   W Moir

14-16   M N Cabel

16-        I F Campbell





52-72   Mrs A Robbie                                     

72-73   Miss E Irvine                                      

73-75   Mrs G Gillan                                       

75-81   Mrs D MacIver                                               

81-83   Mrs S I Fowler                                   

83-84   Mrs M H Morgan                               

84-85   Miss A E Hutchison                           

85-87   Mrs D MacIver                                               

87-89   Mrs E A Davidson                              

89-91   Mrs J Grant                                        

91-93   Mrs I Lynn                                          

93-95   Miss D MacKinnon

95-97   Mrs A Bowman

97-99   Mrs A R Wildgoose

99-01   Mrs M I Paterson

01-03   Mrs J Forbes

03-05   Mrs E MacIntyre

05-07   Mrs M Ironside

07-09   Mrs E Shaw

09-11   Mrs H Cooper

11-13   Mrs V M Campbell

13-15   Mrs A A Farquhar

15-       Mrs S Reid



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Club News

Mike Owen Memorial Day Presentation

BIG thank you to everyone who played, helped & donated to the above competition.

£500.00 cheques for the Ellon Pipe Band, McDonald Golf club, Ellon Fire Service, NHS Grampian

Birdie Club

October the new Birdie Club Winners.

Link below to members golf insurance details.

Saturday 24 November



Sunday 25 November

Sunday Carvery

Bingo Night


Sunday 2 December

Kids Christmas Party


Tuesday 4 December

Ladies Xmas Dinner


Saturday 8 December

Christmas 'Bring a Party' 


Wednesday 12 December

Brian Irvine


Monday 31 December

Hogmanay Party

Fish Fridays

Sunday Lunch Special


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