Greens update from Bill Haining (Greens Convener)

Update for week commencing 26th July

  • Watering greens, watering, and more watering.
  • Weeds in the burn is still ongoing.


Greens were sprayed with fungicide on Monday 12th July. 


Update for week commencing 19th July

  • More cutting and watering all over the course
  • Spraying weedkiller around pathways etc
  • Starting to clear out the growth in the burn.
  • Rakes being put out back in the bunkers (so normal bunker rules will apply) Flags can now be lifted clear before putting, though both rakes and flags are subject to the precautions stated in our risk assessment.



Update for week commencing 17th June

  • From Monday the rakes will be replaced in the bunkers, please remember to use your personal container of sanitizer gel before and after handling both rakes and flags (where they have been removed for putting.
  • Greens staff will be spraying water and feed on the greens
  • Work to repair the grass on the 12th green
  • Cutting back the rough


Update for week commencing 7th June

  • Overhanging trees at the 7th to be cut this coming week.
  • Extra watering of greens this week.


Update for week commencing 24th May

  • Cutting leylandii hedge at 7th
  • Overseeding on 12th and 15th greens
  • Pathways work (when time permits)
  • Scarifying on 11th green
  • Commence rotational work which incorporates everything from raking bunkers to cutting fairways and greens, keeping the burn area tidy and cutting rough and around trees.


Update for week commencing 17th May:

  • Fairway fertiliser spraying.
  • drainwork at the 4th
  • Begin special tidy up for club open event on 23rd
  • Cut back overhanging leylandii beside the 7th green (w/c 24th)
  • Increasing tempo of grass cutting


Update for week commencing 10th May

  • The greens team will be carrying out the following work on the course
  • Putting the various seats back out around the course
  • Taking in the holes from the winter greens
  • taking the height off the leylandii at the 1st
  • Fertilising greens
  • Putting down weedkiller on the fairways
  • Tidy up the loose divots on tees and fairways in the 2nd nine
  • Continuing cutting.

Update for w/c 26th April


  • Overseeding on greens and bare areas around pathways
  • Increased cutting of fairways and green
  • Cutting back Leylandii at back of the 9th/18th
  • Tidying up edges around the back bunker of the 2nd/11th
  • blow leaves from the right edge of the 8th/17th (under the trees)
  • Add a harder mat on the 6th/15th tee

Update for w/c 19th April


The weekly grass cutting will begin to increase this week as the growth begins to come in.


There will be strimming round the burn, increased cutting round the bunkers and some cutting of the rough around the base of trees


Drains work complete on the drains around the 2nd and the 10th.


Cutting back the leylandii behind the current 10th tee and general tidy up.


Update for w/c 12th April


Work planned:

  • General tidying ongoing
  • More top dressing on the 12th green
  • Drains still needing more attention.
  • Cutting back some of the rough
  • Re-turfing and guarding area to the left side of the 12th green
  • Checking distance tee markers for accuracy
  • Cutting fairways closer to the edge of the burn (far side from tee)


Update for w/c 5th April


Work planned:

  • General tidying ongoing
  • Bunkers on 2nd to be altered though it may be too dry for freshly laid turf
  • Spraying wetting agent on greens
  • Un-choke the drains at the 10th and 2nd holes
  • Advance notice that Sunday start may be delayed if forecast frost arrives


Update for w/c 29th March

  • Fertiliser work has been carried out.
  • Work in progress re fairway cutting and dead leaf removal
  • Out of bounds and other markers are now in place for start of the season.


Work planned:

  • There is still very little growth of grass on teeing areas – so mats will remain for another month. Bill S to evaluate if mats can be removed earlier.
  • Work to be done on re-modelling the bunker at the 2nd
  • Bill has had to spend time stripping down mowing machinery and then putting it all back together after sharpening
  • Work to be done on re-turfing the side of the 3rd green
  • Preferred lies through the greens till the end of April.
  • The 14th green will be re-opened for start of the season.
  • In accordance with our C19 risk assessment there will be no rakes in the bunkers till we hear differently.


Update for w/c 22nd March

  • Should there be frost on the course in the early morning, the head greenkeeper will put up the course closed sign outside the pro shop. Once the ground has thawed sufficiently to allow play without damage greenkeeping staff will phone the pro shop to remove the course closed sign.
  • Work continues on the bunkers (3 holes) and the newly turfed areas around the 14th/ 5th and 15th/ 6th bunkers will be marked as G.U.R. till settled in.
  • Further drains work will be done at the 10th/1st bunkers and green.
  • Still waiting for appropriate equipment to cut back the leylandii on the approach to the 1st/10th tee.


Work planned:

  • Fertiliser to be sprayed where required.
  • Cutting of fairways
  • Dead leaves to be removed from various areas around the course.
  • Out of bounds posts, tee markers, water hazard markers and 150 yd markers to be laid out in the next week.
  • General tidying work
  • Aberdeenshire council have taken down the unsightly netting alongside the path leading to the 1st/10th tee, though the tall poles remain.

Update for w/c 15th March

  • All greens had their first cut w/c 8th March
  • Greens staff to put up course status signs asap after 7.30am inspection. NB From w/c 15th it is very unlikely the 2nd nine holes will need to be closed.


Work planned:

  • Top dressing on all greens
  • Continuing preparation of bunkers for March 27th
  • Greens to be rolled if the roller is available to us.
  • Cut back the leylandii hedge on the approach to the first tee – again if the right equipment can be either bought or hired.
  • There is a problem around the whole green area with drainage. This has always been a slow drain and has not been helped by someone putting their grass cuttings close or over the exit (which is taking the excess water out to the road).

Representations have been made to Aberdeenshire council asking them to tidy up the fence area on the approach to the first tee (flapping netting and sagging areas along the path).


Bill Haining

 Greens convener

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