At the time of writing this report, the weather has been reasonably kind to the course. I say reasonably because although the effects of storms ‘Arwen’ and ‘Barra’ are clearly to be seen in the mass of felled trees surrounding the course, the course itself has sustained less damage. Growth continued into December and some cutting had to be undertaken as well as the annual need to assist the draining of fairways and greens by verti-draining the worst affected areas.


Year two of the three year development plan drawn up in 2020 has been completed, and year three work has had to be delayed due to the greens staff devoting their time to the clearing up work following the storms mentioned above. During the summer a lot of work was carried out underneath the trees to clear as much of the undergrowth and low lying branches as possible. Unfortunately, more damage was done by the storms and trees have had to be felled and/or trimmed in both halves of the course (though particularly the 2nd nine). The resulting piles of branches have had to be left alongside the fairways while we wait the chance to hire or buy a suitably sized ‘chipper’. In any other year this would not have been a problem, however, this year such machinery is in high demand from both council and private sources and it has been impossible to hire, loan or buy so far. We are hopeful that with Bill Shepherd’s contacts we will be able to rectify the issue as soon as possible.


Some items of equipment which have seen a good number of years of service, have chosen this past year to finally reach the end of their viability, and had to be replaced. The most notable of these were the ECLIPSE mower (greens) and the JACOBSEN mower (fairways). Replacements were again sourced through our head greenkeepers contacts and advantageous prices secured. Smaller items, which in previous years have been hired, have been purchased, due to the cost of hiring them being very close to the cost of buying them outright (eg motorised saw for cutting back leylandii around the course). This will prove to be an investment over the years and pay us back in a short time. I’m sure the treasurer’s report will provide the figures for those interested in the financial aspects of looking after our course.


During this past year efforts have been made to improve the flow of information between the club council, greens staff and members by introducing ‘weekly course updates’ from March to September/October. Several members have taken the opportunity to send me their comments and/or concerns by means of Email and some have taken what opportunity they had to speak with me in person. I believe that this kind of informal exchange is healthy and hopefully helps all members feel that their voice is heard.


I have extended my personal thanks to our greenkeeping team for their hard work throughout the year. Considering we have only two and occasionally three trained staff, I believe that our membership can boast of a course that is expertly maintained. One of council’s, and my own concerns, is that of succession. We are all getting older and it was our hope to engage a young person in the role of apprentice. However, to date we have been unsuccessful. This has been mainly due to a puzzling lack of applicants, and an unfortunate experience with one young person which did not work out well. Should the funds be available I hope to keep the search for an appropriate apprentice going. Should any member be aware of a young person who would like to make greenkeeping a career, please have a word with myself, the secretary, administrator or club captains and we will follow up on any interest shown.


In my role as CADS (Central And District Seniors) rep., I have talked with reps. from other courses throughout the playing season and found our course’s condition to compare very favourably with others. I am delighted when our members comment favourably on the course condition and am always prepared to listen and pass on to Bill and Innes your comments and concerns.


Bill Haining (Greens convener)

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