House Report (2017) for  AGM 2018

The House Committee meets regularly once a month. It comprises Sandra Brockie (Administrator), Moira Ironside (Social Convenor), Sandy Aird (Professional), Martyn Thomson (Bar Manager), Darrall Mitchell (Caterer), Moira Ironside (Social Convenor), Mike Morrice (Acting Secretary) and Neil Whyte (House Convenor).  It is with regret and sadness that one of our number, George Ironside, passed away during the year. He was a great help and is sadly missed.



There were some teething problems early in 2017 but these have been ironed out. We are constantly receiving positive feedback about the meals and the catering service from members, guests and visitors.  The busy spell in November / December has carried over into January and February.  This may be a sign that the catering service is developing a positive reputation for good quality food/service at reasonable prices.  Thanks to Darrall, Tracy and the catering staff for creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere and keeping the customers satisfied.


There was a kitchen inspection in January.  No major concerns though we had to close for a day while a broken thermometer probe was replaced.  There were other issues but nothing that required further action by the Environment Officer.  Stored equipment (mostly unused) required cleaning or disposal, record keeping had to be improved and two freezers needed repair or replacement.  Corrective action was taken to deal with all issues raised.  Following a return visit on 7th February no further issues were raised and the kitchen was given a pass.  Internal reviews will be put in place to ensure a high standard continues to be maintained.  Thanks to Darrall, his staff and Mike Morrice for all their efforts in this regard.



The bar has been busy over the last few months with more than the usual number of parties using the Club’s facilities.  Our small group of bar staff have been kept very busy staying on top of things.  My thanks to Martyn, Barbara, Susan and Tracy for their commitment and support during this period.


It is our intention to recruit two more part timers to take the strain off existing staff and give us more flexibility.  Martyn has been interviewing recently and expects to make appointments soon.  Those interviewed have no prior experience so training will be required.  This will not add to the wage bill but will give us more flexibility within existing hours and for upcoming events.



Numbers are down but those that came were impressed with the facilities.  Through our feedback facility there was praise for the welcome, the course conditions, the catering and the bar services.  We must be doing something right.


First Aid

In case of accidents please be advised the Club has five First Aiders.  They are Bill Shepherd (Head Greenkeeper), Innes Reynolds (Ass Greenkeeper), Sandy Aird (Professional), Martyn Thomson (Bar Manager) and Sandra Brockie (Club 

Administrator).  Hopefully no one will be in need of their services any time soon, or at all.  Just in case though, please note the defibrillator and first aid box have been relocated to the entrance at the front of the Club.



Note – all figures exclude VAT.

Expenditure has been limited to essential items.  Where possible we have taken advantage of offers of assistance from members in order to keep costs to a minimum.

High cost items of equipment replaced - Dishwasher in Kitchen £1,660, Chill Cabinets (2) for Lounge and Bar £759. All malfunctioning and beyond repair. Total £2,419.

Repairs (Bar, Cellar, Kitchen, Corridors, Office, Locker Rooms) £765.  Larger items include glass washer £95, Fridge £113, Espresso Coffee Machine service £191.  The latter is being sold and should more than recoup the service cost.

General repairs, Maintenance & security £4,762.  This is a long list of mainly low and moderate cost items.  The higher cost items include alarm system maintenance £700, repairs to safe £508, compressor repairs £469, pest control £368, roof & guttering £330, servicing of fire extinguishers £282, door closers £112.  Total of £2,769.

Overall costs in the year were £7,946 compared to £9,821 the previous year.

As always we will continue to monitor expenditure with a view to minimising costs and eliminate any unnecessary expenditure.


Finally my thanks to:-

George Norrie (for various DIY projects about the place and his significant contribution annually in preparing the signage etc for the Pro Am, and taking it all down again after).  Eric Brockie (our busy in-house electrician), Ian Moir, Brian McMillan and Mike Morrice for disposing of redundant equipment.


Alan Barker for helping behind the bar at the staff Xmas party and the Ceilidh.


Special thanks to Wattie for looking after the grounds for the last few years.  Wattie was recently in hospital for an operation.  He’s recovering well but has decided to retire and take things easy.  We thank him for his hard work and commitment and wish him the best in his retirement.  Temporary arrangements are in place with Greens covering grounds through the winter.  We are looking at alternatives for the new season.


Have a good season in 2018. If you feel, like our helpers above, that you are able to help the Club in any way please contact any of the Council members or get in touch with Sandra in the Office.


Neil Whyte

House Convenor


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Mike Owen Memorial Day Presentation

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