Greens Report (2016) for AGM 2017

I hope we can all agree that despite all that the weather has thrown at us this year Bill and his greens keeping team have ensured that the course was open as often as possible and always presented in the best possible condition despite all that the weather threw at them.

Over the year there have been a few staff changes. Brian Hunter retired at the end of June and left us with a considerable gap to fill. Accordingly Bill felt it necessary to get a little help over the summer months and we are very grateful to Andrew, Ben and Michael for their collective hard work during that period. In early autumn we were able to recruit Innes Reynolds from Newmachar Golf club to join our team. John and Phil remain ever present with Bill on the greens team, while Wattie continues to maintain the areas around the clubhouse to good effect.

Last year Stewart MacLeod reported that an aeriation machine, the “Air2g2”, was used to improve drainage and growth on the greens of the back nine. This year I am pleased to report that council approved its use across all eighteen greens with very satisfactory results.

Work across the course continued as normal throughout the year with safety work done to a number of the stepped areas at tees to provide non-slip surfaces. The Leylandi hedging at the rear of the 1st Tee/9th Green was cut back to a more reasonable height. The wet area to the left of the first fairway continues to be of some concern. However, our newly purchased Fibre Optic Camera system will be able to explore the drainage system in this area without excavating along the entire length of the system and hopefully resolve this problem during the winter months. This camera system has already proved its worth in resolving a drainage issue near the 3rd tee.

The Bill Deacon centre continued to be plagued with flooding problems from the nearby culvert, culminating in it being flooded three times in one week during November. Fortunately, Aberdeenshire Council finally brought in a contractor in November and they removed a considerable amount of debris which was blocking the culvert. The have now affixed a grill at the entrance to this culvert which will hopefully cure this problem.

There are still considerable stocks of leftover building materials (Lock Blocks, kerbing, coping stones and clay drainage pipes) for disposal at the Bill Deacon Centre. Contact Bill Shepard if you can assist with their disposal. We will not be difficult to deal with!

We continue to liaise with Aberdeenshire Council and other interested parties with regards to the course and its surroundings whenever opportunities arise.

I am sure you will have noted that Bill and his team have tried through their hard work, to allow play on the summer greens whenever the conditions have been favourable throughout the winter season. We can assist them in the usual manner by replacing pitch marks and replacing any divots. Finally, I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of the membership and Club Council to thank Bill and all his team for their continuing great work.

I will try my best to answer any questions you may have at the AGM.

Mike Morrice

Greens Convener

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